Post Nuclear II for Kontour - installation instructions

2023-06-16 v1.0

Thank you for purchasing Post Nuclear II for Kontour.

Post Nuclear II comes in two formats: nks presets and Reaktor snapshot banks.

NKS presets installation.

  1. Locate your Native Instruments "User Content" folder. To do this right-click on "User" entry in the Reaktor preset browser and select "Show in folder".
  2. image
  3. If “Show in folder” doesn’t work, you can check the path to the “User Content” in Reaktor’s preferences.
  4. image
  5. Unpack and copy the "Post Nuclear II" folder from "Post Nuclear II for Kontour by Spektralisk/NKS Presets" into "User Content/Kontour". NOTE: At this point “Post Nuclear II” folder will show up in Reaktor “User” folder in the browser (after re-opening GUI). You can now browse the sounds directly in Reaktor. If you prefer to work with Komplete Kontrol, follow the next steps.
  6. Rescan the presets in Komplete Kontrol plugin.
  • open preferences
  • image
  • click Library tab → click User button → make sure Native Instruments User Content folder is available in the list → hit Rescan button
  • image
  1. To access sounds in Komplete Kontrol click "User" icon and select Kontour instrument.
  2. image
  3. To confirm the you have all the sounds do the following.

Click Post Nuclear II tag in the browser → Click 'Edit' button at the bottom of the window → Select any preset and then hit CMD/CTRL+A to select all the presets (alternatively shift click first preset in the list and while holding shift click last preset) → there should be 164 presets available

  1. That's it. NKS presets installation complete.

Alternatively you may install snapshot banks. Do the following.

  1. Open Reaktor and load Kontour ensemble.
  2. Enter edit mode.
  3. image
  4. Right click on "Embedded" entry in the browser and click "New Bank".
  5. image
  6. Right click on created bank and then "Load Bank".
  7. image
  8. Open Reaktor bank from downloaded package "Post Nuclear II for Kontour by Spektralisk/Reaktor Banks/PN2 Keys, Perc and Misc.ssf"
  9. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 for every bank file.
  10. To make changes permanent you need to save the ensemble. I recommend saving as new file to leave factory ensemble intact.
  11. image
  12. Done.

Stay creative and have fun! 🙂